Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time Saver?

I tried to cut my morning commute in half today, and failed miserably. I was running late & decided to take the short route, which is as direct a route as I can manage, considering I can’t walk through houses or anything. My time savings? 2 lousy minutes. 7 ½ total minutes from house to office. I hate to use language like “lousy” but I was fairly disappointed. The shorter walk, evidently, has more of a psychological affect on my tardiness than actual ticks on a clock. Of course my question is, Is a two minute time savings worth the effort? I’m thinking, no.

P.S. Picked up what looked like a fragment from an ancient sheet of duct tape…in the campus commons area. There’s so much construction going on down there, it was likely left by one of the workers. I realized I don’t go through the commons often enough. I’m probably the last one around here to see the new wall that’s been installed near a popular walkway. It actually has some aesthetics built into it. Very nice!

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