Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This entry, I hope, fits squarely in the realm of What would I not notice (as much) if I’d been driving instead of walking. The answer? Flowering trees/bushes. I took note this morning of the various kinds I passed & how many. I don’t know the names of them all, but there were three basic groups: white, yellow, and red. I remember these bursts of color shortly after moving to Tennessee. We had wildflowers in Texas. Here, it was dogwoods, azaleas, and the like. Seeing them for the first time…roughly 8 years ago…helped my family feel welcome—like we’d made a good decision to move.

Here’s the official color count from my commute: 18 white trees, 2 yellow bushes, and 1 red. The highlight was the set of three dogwoods in the gazebo area of downtown. Seeing them made me thankful…thankful I don’t have bad allergies. I was especially thankful for God who may’ve created such beauty just so people like me would notice it and say, “There must be someone out there who lovingly caused these things to be.”

In the middle of my commute, I got to enjoy a brief visit with a friend out walking his dog. I didn’t stop…just kept on walking while talking. I hope that doesn’t seem rude to anyone. He was kind of trying to stay on the move, too. He commented that I seemed to be going the wrong direction, and technically he was right. I was sort of passing the campus, only to circle around and catch it on the other side. I just told him I needed the extra exercise. It was nice running into him. He happens to be one of the people I see walking to work on a regular basis. He may even blog about it. Who knows?

P.S. Picked up a plastic wrapper from a two-cracker pack (Zesta). It was in the alleyway behind the downtown pharmacy. Two days ‘til National Walk to Work Day!

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