Monday, March 8, 2010

Haiti Update

Weather report (two words): Borderline Jacket
Could’ve almost walked to work this morning sans jacket, but not quite. It’s encouraging, though, that I was actually tempted to go without one.

Knowing that much of the week’s supposed to be rainy, I tried to take the long route to work. At one point, I was cutting through a parking lot when one of the school’s professors parked practically in my path. I’m glad he did. In my new role as a “social capitalist” (see last week’s entries), I decided to cut my commute short & take the direct route to campus alongside him. We visited about his recent trip to Haiti. He said things were looking up there, but still made him feel like such a small person trying to hold back a huge tidal wave (i.e., overwhelming). I needed the reminder that there is still a lot of suffering & need in Haiti. I had almost forgotten. And getting the reminder NOT from a news correspondent was especially refreshing. It was an opportunity that (I don’t think) would’ve happened if I hadn’t been walking.

P.S. Found two wrappers this morning: 1> gum (Orbit) and 2> the corner of a candy bar…near the back lawn of the library. I promise to explain someday why I bothered picking 'em up.

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