Monday, March 15, 2010

Fellow Walker?

The Morning’s Weather Report: Cool, Gray. I took the long way in this morning, & as usual passed the local Senior Citizens Center in the process. I noticed a cute old woman getting out of her car. It took her a while, in part, because she had to wrangle her walker out, too. The walker had tennis balls on the rear legs. The tennis balls looked brand new, like they’d never been walked on before.

I probably walked an entire block in the same time it took her to get out of her car and walk 30 feet to the building. I was thinking that, for this woman, her walk from the car to the door of the building was a decently long commute. It required a decent amount of both time & effort. For her efforts, I’m definitely going to count her as a “fellow walker.” Walker sightings (to date): 9

Honks from Passersby (to date): 4 Got one Friday afternoon from an old friend.

P.S. You know those area Real Estate guides that you find in racks around town? Full-color, 50 pages plus? This morning, I found about 6 of them lying around the gazebo area downtown. All of them sopping wet. I picked up two & threw ‘em away. I didn’t get the others…for a reason. Someday I’ll share the reason—right here.

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