Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bikers and Bear Hugs

I’m no sun worshipper, but yesterday I avoided shade like the plague. It was the perfect temp for soaking up plenty of rays without breaking a sweat—even when walking. This morning? A gentle rain. I took the long route anyway.

As you may have noticed, the focus of this blog, in large measure, is what can (and does) happen when I walk instead of drive to and from work. Two things from yesterday fit squarely in that category. I was on my way home for lunch & not thirty paces from the library I was hailed by a hardcore Harley driver, with a black leather coat & a black do rag of some kind. There’s probably a biker term for this kind of head gear, but I don’t know what it is. His helmet was hanging on his bike…it was one of those beanie style half-helmets. He was holding a cell phone & yelled, “Excuse me. Do you live here?” I said yes, and handing me his phone, he said, “Here. Talk to my son and find out where he is. And maybe you can explain it to me.” I found out that his son was on campus only a couple buildings away. I gave the biker dad some quick directions and continued my walk.

Everyone was giddy, it seemed, because of the weather. I had barely made it across Main Street when a student went out of his way to give me a hug—a great big hug, actually…right there on Main Street. It was a real pick-me-up. About a block later, I got my first honk of the year. It was a couple of students, bless their hearts. Windows down, they waved as they drove by. And at the end of the day, I got another honk from some folks I know. I’m lucky if I get two honks in a year! Two in one day? Like I said, “giddy.” I don’t necessarily encourage honks, but they let me know someone’s thinking of me. I’ll try to keep a running total. Honks from passersby: 2

Fellow Walker Sightings (to date): 7

P.S. Found a thing o’ Chapstick on the steps in front of Hall Roland. Several inches away was its lid. I snagged both.

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