Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Ears

I took stock of every little sound I heard on my way in this morning. There were some repeats, but it basically boiled down to ten distinct sounds. Here they are, in chronological order.

1) Birds. They were non-stop from start to finish. I’m no expert, but there seemed to be about 5 different kinds of chirping, and they were all saying roughly the same thing, “Spring is here!”
2) Garbage Trucks. At one point, it was two at one time. With all the sounds that figure into garbage collecting, including the beep beeps that go off when the trucks are in reverse.
3) Dog. Just one, barking at one of the garbage trucks.
4) Passing Cars. About a dozen.
5) A/C Units. Yunno that hum they make? There were two that were loud enough for me to hear.
6) Squirrels. There was one or two circling a tree trunk. I heard that sound their claws make.
7) Electrical Meter. I passed within inches of a utility pole with a meter. It was humming.
8) House Door. Someone slammed it while they were leaving.
9) Car Door. That same person slammed their car door seconds later.
10) Radio. It was a muffled radio program (like a talk show), coming from a parked car.

I’m trying to think about how many of these sounds I would’ve missed had I been on wheels, not on foot. Probably 9, including the birds. That thought makes me kind of sad…for drivers.

P.S. Picked up what looked like a dryer sheet from the sidewalk near the North Ave. pharmacy. It didn’t smell like a dryer sheet, though. That’s right…I took a whiff.

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