Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Social Capital #2

Weather report: Rain mixed with snow. I was planning on taking the long route for a second day in a row, but was running late & the hand I was using to hold the umbrella was already numb from the cold.

I’ve concluded that there’s something to this Walking-Increases-Social-Capital thing. I was walking back to work after lunch yesterday…rounded the corner…and spotted my neighbor unloading groceries from her car. I was able to walk right up to her and introduce myself in a perfectly natural way. I’ve decided that although I want to get to know my neighbors better, I’m not going to go way out of my way, like knocking on doors or anything. That’d be a bit forward.

This is one half of the neighbor I referred to yesterday as “duplex.” She’s been living next door for several months and we’d never met. One thing’s for sure, we’d still be complete strangers today if I had been driving back to the office yesterday. I would’ve given a subtle wave at most and kept on going. So what did I find out? She’s not new to town, just new to our neighborhood. And her granddaughter seems to want to go to college anywhere but here in town, which we both agreed was perfectly normal. If nothing else comes of this 5-day experiment, it will have still been worthwhile. Fellow Walker Sightings (to date): 5

P.S. Thanks to all drivers who (purposely) avoid driving too close to the curb on a rainy day, so as not to splash folks on the sidewalk. At least one person was looking out for me this morning. I appreciate him driving practically in the opposite lane as he passed me.

P.P.S. Picked up a wedge-shaped box from a Burger King slice of pie…off the lawn behind the library.

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