Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waver in the Window

Had a waver in the window this morning as I started by walk.  The 'waver' was our 6-year old.  There he was, looking out at me while I walked the 40 or so steps to the end of our block.  He wouldn't leave the glass, so I kept turning around to wave.  As I rounded the corner, he actually opened the front door & yelled, "Goodbye, Daddy!  I love you!"  It was the highlight of my commute.  Only 2 of the five children are still interested in waving goodbye.  The others are too old or too asleep (or both).  Someday, they'll all be too old/asleep to wave me away in the morning.  I'll have nothing but memories of those fond farewells.  Until then, I'll do my best to treasure each and every wave.

P.S.  De-littered a neon (poster board) yard sale sign that had blown off its Main St. telephone pole.