Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going My Way?

Took the long route to work this morning (up North Ave.) and realized half way there that long routes and winter don’t mix.

While walking, I occasionally get ride offers from passersby, but never two in one day—that is, until yesterday. The offers came just before and just after lunch. As usual, the rides were offered by people I know fairly well. Never has a stranger pulled up beside me and asked, “Going my way?” I’ll never forget the time an older acquaintance (in her 60s) stopped in the middle of Main Street (which is truly a main street), with cars lining up behind her, to ask if I’d like a ride. I declined, lest someone think I actually knew this crazy (but very thoughtful) driver.

I passed on yesterday’s offers, too. The after-lunch offer came from someone who may’ve mainly wanted to catch up. It’d been six weeks since we’d seen each other. In retrospect, I wonder if I should’ve accepted. It could’ve been a good “social capital” thing. I wouldn’t have gotten as much exercise or fresh air, but I would’ve made a connection with a good Christian friend who I’ve been missing.

So with a bit of lingering regret from yesterday, I’m giving myself some homework. I’ll accept the next ride offer I get—no matter who’s offering or where I’m heading. Ride Offers this year: 2

Fellow walker sightings: 6

P.S. For the 2nd consecutive day, picked up a Burger King artifact. It was a drink cup (large?), found downtown on the gazebo lawn.

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