Monday, April 26, 2010


I walked thankfully to work this morning—thankful that the weather was so fallish that no mosquito would be caught dead flying around in it. Mostly, though, I was thankful for a group of loving, Christ-like people who (evidently) think of me, my wife, and kids as family. The feeling is definitely mutual. This is a church family I’m referring to. It seems you never really know how much you’re loved until you have a need and you wait to see who’ll show up to actually help with that need. Our church family (seemingly all of them) showed up…in such a sacrificial way! The thankful feelings were so fresh on my mind as I walked this morning because all that generosity came to a head last night.

The One I’m most thankful to is God Himself who formed these people into people who would do the selfless things they’ve done. His hand was definitely working in and through our need and especially in the response to that need.

P.S. Picked up yet another red, Sonic straw. This time, from the grassy slope behind the library.

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