Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See You At Lunch?

On this morning’s commute I took time to not to pray, so much, but to meditate. To meditate on four words--four little words I say just about every day before I leave the house. In fact, I say it several times (one time per family member). “See you at lunch.”

Surely, in the history of mankind, about a million fathers have said those four little words before leaving home, never to return for lunch, for dinner, or ever. I bet at least one of the West Virginia miners who died earlier this week said those four words on their way out the door…or something similar, to a wife, to a son or daughter… “See you later.” “I’ll be home before dark.” “I’ll be home in time for supper.” I spent my walk time today wondering whether I should say things like that, as harmless as they seem to be. And, if not, what kind of farewell would be more true, more real, more godly? I’m reminded of A.J. Jacobs’ “Year of Living Biblically,” during which he tacked “God willing” onto the end of his every use of the future tense. Why? Because to him it just seemed biblical. “For what is your life? You are a vapor.”

P.S. I picked up a two foot length of clear ribbon from the hill behind the library. And I’ll pick up more trash tomorrow…God willing.

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