Wednesday, April 7, 2010


One of the landmarks I can’t help but notice each day on my walk to work is a beehive. A neighbor just around the corner keeps bees. He has about three hives, colonies, or whatever they’re called. All I can see is the boxes, like the one in the photo. Of course, the bees seem to hide away all winter, but when it’s even mildly warm they start coming and going. I always like to take a quick peek to see if they’re active. These are the same bees that hang out in our yard when the flowers are out, so in a way they seem almost like friends. The reason the bees are especially on my mind is because for the first time in almost a year my neighbor’s privacy gate was closed…so I couldn’t see the bees. There was a small consolation, though. A neighbor to this neighbor officially got into the bee business himself about a week ago. His box/hive is set farther back from the sidewalk, so it’s harder to actually see the bees, but at least there’s no 6 foot fence to keep me from looking. Ride Offers (to date): 5

P.S. Found a McCafe cup (large?) in a parking lot across the street from campus. If there’s ever trash I walk past it’s the stuff that accumulates in this parking lot. I tend to focus my litter efforts on campus, but that cup was just too much to pass by. And thankfully there was a public trash can only a few feet away.

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