Monday, April 19, 2010

No Buffer Zone?

Weather Report: Very cool. I would’ve worn one of my lightweight jackets had they not (both) been hanging on a coat rack at the library. I abandoned them a week or so ago. It was borderline uncomfortable, but took the long route anyway. On the way, I passed right in front of a landmark that catches my attention 7 out of 10 mornings…the house we almost bought when we moved to town (see picture top, left). After doing a little house hunting (almost 9 years ago), it was obvious that only two houses were viable candidates. The one we didn’t take (the one I walk past most days) is the one that’s since been purchased by the university. I believe interior design classes meet there now. Living there would’ve cut my commute time to campus by 95%...because it happens to be across the street from campus. I’m glad we’re not that close, actually. There’d be…as Seinfeld would say, “no buffer zone.” Also, I’d miss out on the walk to work I’ve grown to love.

On this morning’s walk, I got a ride offer & a honk to boot. It was a great way to start the week. Honks from Passersby (to date): 6
Ride Offers (to date): 7. I actually forgot to mention a ride offer from last week (maybe Tuesday?) which I accepted. It was just one of those people I couldn't say "No" to.

P.S. Picked up a 4-pg homework assignment from someone named Westley. I found it along the side of North Ave., with tire marks across the front and back. The topic was “semicolon use.” I can just imagine poor Westley showing up for class this morning (in tears?) saying, “Uh, teacher, I lost my assignment. I had it when I left the house, I promise. But when I got on the bus, it was gone. I answered every question, though, I swear. (sob)” Hopefully, the teacher’s merciful, because every question was, in fact, answered.

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