Saturday, April 10, 2010


My one word for this morning’s walk to work is “sunshine.” I know I shouldn’t soak it up like I do sometimes. I didn’t even use sunscreen on my (bald) head today. It was the perfect combination, though, of room temperature and the warmth of the rays. If I’d been driving, I might’ve had one arm hanging out the window getting those rays. Walking gives me a chance to get ‘em all over.

As you may have noticed, this entry is being logged on a Saturday. It’s hard working Saturdays, especially on beautiful days like today. Occasionally, students will throw a Frisbee around on the front lawn of the library, which is just plain cruel. Don’t they realize that some of us are stuck inside & can only look out at others enjoying themselves. That’s the end of my pity party. I actually hope that most people are not working today and that they’re outside having tons of fun. Lord willing, I’ll be doing the same thing soon.

Honks from Passersby (to date): 5. Fellow Walker Sightings: 13. Saw one of my closest neighbors (a student) walking to campus. I knew he did, I just hadn’t seen him until yesterday. Good for him.

P.S. I vaguely remember picking up some trash this morning, but can’t remember what. Yesterday, I found a pair of socks on the lawn of the athletics bldg. I suppose I could’ve washed ‘em and donated ‘em to Goodwill, but didn’t.

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