Friday, April 23, 2010


As you may’ve noticed, I like counting things on my walk to work. It’s somewhat of a hobby. For this blog, I’ve counted paces, colors, waves, and clotheslines. What next?! Gardens?

I took the long route this morning, which is rapidly becoming my “normal” route. Along the way, I took note of every garden I passed. Not the floral kind, but the vegetable variety. There were four, including one that took up about 90% of a backyard. Very impressive. This is someone who must have a lot more time on their hands than I do…AND someone who doesn’t have kids. The yard is, now, definitely not conducive to a good game of tag.

Not only do I count a lot…but I also try to make mention of any event or encounter along the way that would not have happened (likely) if I’d been driving rather than walking. Encounters like the brief one I had with an old friend who was out walking for exercise. I asked him not to stop or slow down…lest he ruin the aerobic…but he did for a couple of seconds. Just enough time to get in a good handshake and a warm hello. I really miss seeing him. While we were talking, two Canadian geese flew directly overhead. Fairly low, too. Honking away the whole time. I was truly in awe. They just came out of nowhere. In a car, I may have seen the geese but would've missed out on the honking. I'm glad I didn't.

P.S. The goldmine for litter in our little town has to be the alley behind the drugstore. I can always count on something being there that needs picking up…like the receipt I nabbed this morning (from, you guessed it, the drugstore).

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