Friday, March 1, 2013

The Cat (Not) In the Hat

Was very tempted to drive to work this morning.  It's Friday after all...a good day to treat oneself.  And it's not supposed to get out of the 30s today.  Snow predicted & all that.  I resisted, though, for the blog's sake :-)  Despite the cold weather, I again refused to wear a head covering...which seems to bother other people more than me.  My wife asks me about wearing a cap on cold mornings.  My children do, too.  Friends of mine have driven by me in the winter & asked Julie (not me) about it later, saying something like, "Why don't you knit Wade a hat?  He looks cold out there."  About 3 weeks ago a friendly guy said "hi" as I walked passed him, & he said with a smile, "Bet you could use a hat!"
Now, I haven't come out and asked anyone, but I know for a fact that everyone's "concerned" about me because...1)  I look all pathetic, walking out in the elements, and 2)  I don't have my own God-given head covering (i.e., I'm bald).  Now here's the part that's almost too embarrassing to blog about.  The reason I refuse to wear a hat on my walk to work is because a hat would mess up the hair I supposedly don't have.  That's right.  Secret's out.  Even bald guys can worry about their hair.  Not Captain Picard bald or Michael Jordan bald.  I'm talking about the horseshoe & donut guys—guys with a half head of hair (or thereabouts).  I've pretty much stopped telling people about my hair issues because they all laugh & think I'm being silly.  But it's what I see in the mirror & it can't be helped.  I will say that if this blog was about Wade's Walk to Home, it'd be a different story.  It'd be all about caps, because when I'm home I couldn't care less what my hair looks like.  Bozo the Clown hair?  Fine with me...but not at work. 

Exceptions:  If memory serves me correctly, I've worn a cap to work about 5 times in the past 11 years.  Each time, the temp's been in the neighborhood of zero.  Got to draw the line somewhere.  And for those extra rare occasions, I have a hairbrush hiding in my desk drawer to fix what the cap messed up.  Go ahead, make fun.

P.S.   I'm beginning to wonder if our town's becoming more litter conscious.  There's hardly any trash out there to pick up.  Not complaining...just sayin'.  All I could find today was a straw wrapper—an item so small I'd normally not even notice.

P.P.S.  For the record, Julie has knit me several stocking caps over the years.  She even made me a one-of-a-kind Longhorns cap for Christmas, which wasn't easy.  Burnt Orange yarn is hard to come by.  I love every one of the caps & wear them all the time...just not on my walk to work.

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