Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stop 'n Go? No!

There was a line of 8 waiting cars at the Main St. stoplight this morning.  As I scooted on by (unapologetically) without pause, I reminisced about my daily commute in Austin—straight through downtown.  Light after light after light after... (you get the idea).  I guess I'm making up for it now.  Done my share of starting & stopping on the way to work.  Nowadays, I have one start & one stop (i.e., house & library).

There are exceptions.  I stopped for two seconds this morning to take a picture of a city utility guy letting water out of a fire hydrant.  It was spraying across the street for no apparent reason (see pic above).  There weren't even kids running through it!  I know we've had tons of rain lately, but do we have to flaunt it by playing hydrant spray games?

P.S.  Waited 'til the bitter end of my walk to de-litter.  Was being lazy up to that point.  I finally picked up a clear drinking straw from behind the library.

P.P.S.  Got the best honk ever from a passerby!  Kinda like a honk song.  Thank you J.B. & kids!

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