Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking Notice, Part III

Took the long way for the 2nd time this week.  Went by Mr. Dog's house again—on the far side of the street—and didn't see any sign of him.  I did report him to animal control a couple of days ago.  Maybe that took care of it.  You're welcome, Hendersonites!

I did my best to notice sounds this morning & keep track of every one.  Here's what I was able to hear on my car-less commute.
  • wind in the trees
  • wind in shrubs & bushes
  • a leaf skittering down the street (from the wind)
  • birds (probably saying to each other, "What's with the wind?")
  • a bubbling water sound from a backyard fountain
  • the cord from a flag pole (beating against the pole...'cuz of the wind)
  • a dog bark in the distance & not at my heels (thank goodness)
  • a wind chime that I couldn't quite locate
  • the opening & closing of a front door (someone was leaving for work, I think)
  • about 20 passing cars

As I reflect on the windy trip, the question I'm considering isn't:  What sounds wouldn't I have heard if I'd been driving instead of walking?", because it's clear I wouldn't have noticed most of 'em.  The question is...Am I, in some way, better off for having heard them?  Hmmmm.

Noticing Notes:  Scary Dog, Missing Ms. Raker, Scary Weather, the Wind

P.S.  Almost gave up on the litter thing this morning.  Didn't see any until I rounded the corner of Edward Jones...only few dozen steps from the library...and there it was.  The largest piece of trash I'll probably see all year: a Realtor pamphlet with area listings that was at least 50 pages long.  All spread out in the middle of a parking lot, somehow resisting the wind.

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