Thursday, March 21, 2013

HWJW, Amen.

I'm a bit slow when it comes to thinkin.'  Things routinely 'hit' me a while after I need the info.  The info. I needed on Tuesday was prayer-related.  How could I not think of prayer as Jesus' primary go-to walking activity.  Granted, I probably walk alone in a month more than Jesus did in His entire ministry.  He perpetually had there wouldn't have been too many prayerful commutes.  But if He were like me (usually alone), I bet He would've prayed.  And I bet it would've been fairly constant.  Instead of using brain power to ask, "What can I do to serve today?"  He would've more likely used prayer power to ask: "Father, help me..."  "Show me the service opportunities..."  "Help me be prepared for those opportunities..."  Etc. 

Yesterday & today, I tried to be in prayerful mode during my walk, and it was so (very) hard to maintain it.  My mind shifted every 60 secs. to what was awaiting me at work—stuff to get done, meetings to attend, emails to send, and the like. 

Jesus was a perfect model for so many things, most especially His reliance on His Father.  He submitted to His Father's will, depended on His Father's power to make it happen.  Jesus knew something that I forget regularly—that He never walked alone.  His Father was always with Him.  May my walk (and yours) be more prayerful.

P.S.  Found two things to tidy up yesterday Arby's french fry box & a city utility inspection slip.  I got both only because they were practically next to each other on the ground.  Two stoops were required, but if there's anything I needed today, it was an extra stoop.  Today, it was the outer-sole (rubbery) of a Rockport boot or shoe.  

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