Friday, March 8, 2013

Taking Notice, Part V

Wrapping up the week devoted to noticing things.  And with Spring in the air, I thought of colors.  Not the man-made ones, but God-made.  One of my family's earliest & fondest memories of Henderson (right in the middle of our homesickness for Austin) was color-related.  The Spring colors in our neighborhood were unlike any we'd experienced in Texas.  Azaleas were largely to blame.  Bloomin' bushes were in seemingly every yard. 

On the walk, I barely noticed signs of those coming colors.  One of the first houses I passed had two large bushes with the tiniest pinkish-red blooms.  Saw at least one more like it before reaching campus.  One other bush had yellow blooms—tiny enough to not be noticed (I don't think) by drivers.  Flowers were also in short supply.  Two yards had yellow flowers (common variety, with a name most people would know, but not me).  Oh, and there was of course some green out there.  Like the smell of fresh air, it's easy to overlook green.  Most lawns had at least some.  All in all, this is definitely an experiment worth about a month.

Along the way I got the chance to say something to one of the city's recycling guys.  As usual, they came by our house before I left.  But I caught up to them later as they stopped to get someone else's stuff.  It's a fairly thankless job, I imagine.  But not today.  Thanks to being on foot, and thanks to walking within a few feet of the guy, I got to say, "Thanks!" 

Noticing notes:  Scary Dog, Missing Ms. Raker, Scary Weather, Wind, Fresh Air, Green

P.S.  Found a McD's double cheeseburger wrapper near the library side door.  It looked like it'd been mauled a bit by some animal.  Thankfully, I only had to carry it for about 15 seconds.  Washed my hands for at least 30!

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