Friday, March 22, 2013

Praise Him, Little Squirrel!

I preached to the squirrels this morning.  For the backstory on this story, see post from Mar. 14th.  There were only 4 within preaching distance.  I said to each one: "Praise God, little squirrel."  That was all.  The thing I like about squirrels vs. birds is...birds immediately fly away the split second they see you coming.  Squirrels, though, may just skitter a few feet away & stare at you while they nibble on their acorn.  They at least seem attentive as they nibble—all set for a sermon.  And as long as you don't head straight at them, they're fine.  The harder part was thinking of things they should praise Him for...  With birds it was easy:  He gave them wings to fly, after all.  Squirrels?  He gave them strong teeth that can chew through the wood siding on my house!  Let's not 'go there.'  He also gave them claws & agility that allows them to climb trees & power lines like they're on the ground.  It's truly a gift.  So, if you're reading this, and you're a squirrel, "Praise Him!"

P.S.  Grabbed a half of a styrofoam Sonic cup from the side of White Ave.

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