Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Memory (Again)

On my mind this morning was (still) my beloved boss who passed away on Sunday.  I tried a bit of homage yesterday & decided to do it again today.  She was a speedy lady, especially when she walked.  I traveled with her on several occasions & remember trying to keep up with her in an airport.  Not easy.  I still don't know what the rush was, but she definitely didn't like wasting time getting anywhere.  This morning I basically tried to walk to work the way she would.  It felt weird to be hustling so much...but at least no one drove by & yelled, "Hey, buddy!  Where's the fire?!"

I pushed myself from the get go.  No strolling allowed.   No noticing stuff allowed.   Full speed ahead.  I had to remind myself a couple of times to not let up.  A little over half way I was getting short of breath, but I didn't let up.  Hit a hill, but kept my head down & legs pumping.  I was in such a zone that I almost didn't stop when I saw some gotta-pick-up trash.  It was a Minute Maid bottle at the top of some steps in front of Old Main.  Right there...in full view of all passersby.  I had to stop!  I broke my beautiful rhythm & grabbed it.  My boss would've done the same thing.

My fast-paced memorial was good & bad.  The bad?  I was a bit stressed out, trying to keep up the pace.  And I couldn't notice anything along the way or contemplate life or anything but speed walking.  The good?  I shaved almost a full minute off my last official time record (9:32.2 on Feb. 26, 2010)!

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