Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you’ve been following along these past few weeks, you’ve heard me raving about the sun…even throwing caution to the wind in terms of skin cancer, UVs, etc. Well, no more! Call me fickle, but the sun actually caused me to sweat this morning. I wasn’t power walking. I wasn’t running horribly late, like yesterday. Just calmly walking. But when I got to the library, I had sweat on the top of my head. I’m pretty sure the sun’s to blame. It had a baking feel today, as opposed to a basking one.

I got a honk from a passerby in a white car. I waved but couldn’t at all make out who it was. Honks from passersby (to date): 7
I also spotted a husband/wife walking to work/school. That brings my Fellow walker sightings total up to 25.

P.S. In the alleyway behind the drugstore, I found a plastic wrapper for a plastic utensil from Subway. I honestly think that if fast food restaurants ever become extinct, so would 90% of litter.

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