Monday, May 3, 2010

After the Flood

I wish the Bible talked more about how much Noah and his family enjoyed life after the flood. During this morning’s walk, I think I had at least a tiny idea of what they felt. This weekend was (seemingly) non-stop clouds, rain, flooding, thunder, warnings, etc. After two days of it, I was worn out. On my walk to work, I was more thankful than I’ve been in a long time for the sun & dry ground. Just think how thankful Noah must’ve been after the skies cleared. If he hadn’t been such a man of faith, he might’ve become a full-blown sun worshipper like the ancient Egyptians. All I know is, I rarely “live” for Mondays. it’s usually the weekend I look forward to…but knowing today (Mon.) would be a “normal” weather day made me thankful…even as I made my way to work. Fellow Walker Sightings (to date): 23

P.S. I found an empty container of KoolAid Burst on the side of the road behind the library. One of these days I’ll say a word about why I stopped, stooped, and threw away that piece of plastic.

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