Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Late, Late, Late

I’m at least slightly late to work almost every day. But sometimes I’m so late that all I can think about on my walk to work is how late I am. Like today. I took my late, as the bird flies, route to campus this morning. It’s a shame, too. It was such a perfect morning weather-wise. I’ve come to realize that a frantic walk to work…keeping it as short and sweet as possible…is hardly worth doing.

P.S. I passed by a used tissue on the sidewalk this morning. I’ve been using a lot of tissues myself this past week & know how gross some of them can be…so I turned my nose up and walked on by. What I didn’t walk on by was the empty pack of (Sweet Peppermint) Stride gum I found down the hill from the front of the library. How gross can a pack of gum be?

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