Saturday, February 23, 2013

Too Much Thinkin' 'bout What People Think

Last Monday I was on my way to work when I passed a house with an empty milk jug in the front lawn...about a foot away from the sidewalk. I thought, "Boy, that looks bad. Makes the neighborhood (my neighborhood) look trashy." But I kept on walking. Didn't stop. Didn't stoop. Didn't pick up that jug, because there wasn't a trash can within 2 blocks of where I was. I thought, "I'd be walking with that jug forever! Who knows how many people might see me & think, What's with the jug?" In other words, I was thinkin' too much about what others think...which is my biggest hang-up, I know. Why am I confessing? Because I'm going to spend the next week of walking trying to make up for that jug. Bring it on! The more jugs the better! My successes (and failures) will be shared right here. Wish me luck.   P.S.  Started this blog exactly 3 years ago yesterday—on Feb. 22, 2010.

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