Monday, February 25, 2013


Trying to redeem myself from last week's "sin" of not picking up some super-sized litter (milk jug) on my walk to work.  And it was all because of the impression it might make on passersby.  About those occurred to me this morning that it's not (just) that the odds are good that someone might see me walking down the street with an empty milk jug & think, "That's weird."  It's more about the odds that whoever saw me would actually know me.  More along the lines of "That Wade guy is weird."  It's a small town thing, I guess.  Most everybody knows most everybody.  Not making excuses, though.  I still need to get over it.

This morning, it took me a while to "get over it."  I was about a block from the house...on the lookout for the milk jug.  I thought that would be the perfect redemption story—to pick it up almost a week after ignoring it initially.  It was nowhere to be found.  But in its place (in front of the same house) was a paper cup from a fast food joint.  Just as I approached it, a car approached me.  I chickened out & kept on walking.  I made up for it (hopefully) by snagging 4 bits of trash before reaching the library—a Newport cigarettes package, a withdrawal envelope from a local bank, a cup from Sonic, and a Jazzman's coffee cup holder.  Quite a haul.  Redemption is sweet!

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