Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Windchill Factor #1

I'm calling this Windchill #1 because I have a feeling it could be the first of several such posts before winter's end. No matter where I turned, the wind seemed to be aimed directly at my face. Brutal. I need to get over my hang-up about (not) wearing stocking caps on my way to campus.

When I used to drive my way to work (Austin days), I'd have the radio going from start to finish. Hardly did I take time to meditate on anything worthwhile. Walking's different. Off and on this year I've contemplated a question that I vaguely remember borrowing from a book I browsed in '09. How would Jesus live this day as a librarian at FHU? My conclusion, at least for today, was that he'd smile more when greeting library visitors (to make them feel welcome). He'd try to refer to people by name more often (to further recognize their worth). He might actually hustle a bit to meet someone's need (as opposed to slowly meandering, which I can do sometimes). He would also 'go the extra mile' to make those of a different race feel extra welcome. Race is on my mind this morning...after a Black History Month celebration last night on campus. "We Are The World" is still running through my head. I'm not complaining.

P.S. I picked up an empty package of Marlboro Lights (Menthol) this morning in front of Hall Roland. Someday I'll mention the significance of this.

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