Friday, February 26, 2010

9 1/2 minutes

I timed my walk this morning...9 1/2 minutes. Less than 10! I couldn't believe it. It always seems like 15, especially when I'm running late. And speaking of late, I do have an as-the-bird-flies, no detours walking route to the office...for those days I'm horribly late leaving the house. At least one of my coworkers is probably thinking, "Wade, you ought to take that route more often." I can't say I blame him. One of these days I'll time that route to see how much of a time saver it actually is.

On my way in this morning, I ran into a fellow walker. He was on his way to class, I imagine. I'm going to keep track of how many walkers I spot this year. Maybe it will help me realize more and more that I'm not alone. Fellow walkers total: 1

P.S. This morning I picked up a red Sonic straw and what looked like a used tissue behind the library. Some readers may never shake my hand again.

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